MOVA – What is it?

MOVA is a traffic control strategy that is specifically designed to maximise the operational efficiency of a junction/crossing.

MOVA is fast becoming the preferred control strategy for many local authorities for isolated junctions and is increasingly being used at roundabouts/junction networks which require linking. It is already the default control strategy at all new or refurbished sites on all-purpose trunk roads.

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UTC/SCOOT and Pedestrian Pushbuttons

The popular recent article on the BBC website, “Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything?” was accurate with regard to the facts, having been well researched.

The follow up to the article was significant, with many people having a strongly held opinion on the function of push buttons such as whether machines should be allowed to make decisions instead of humans, whether people have to wait too long or whether pushing the button at all or too many times makes any difference … Read More

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“Triggers Broom” a Clean Sweep for Asset Management at the JCT Symposium

Green man sweepingAndy Marson, a Senior Engineer at Green Signals Consulting, will be presenting an article at the JCT Symposium at Warwick University on 19th and 20th September 2013. Affectionately entitled “Triggers Broom”, his presentation will provide an insight into guidance documentation available for Asset Management of Intelligent Transport Systems.

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