Green Signals Consulting, 6 Months old

On the 9th March 2013, Green Signals took their first steps as a Consultancy. As the first order rolled in, Dave Moore, a signals Engineer with 21 years of experience, was settling into the seat of an Emirates Airlines Airbus A380, on his way to Dubai for a sun tan and several weeks work, undertaking SCOOT validation. Shortly afterwards, Dave was joined by the remaining “Greenies” who set about working long days and weekends to assist Atkins with the SCOOT validation of 40 junctions.

Further orders for work placed by Atkins as well as Transport for London, Hyder Consulting, JMP, Mott McDonald and RGP have underpinned a successful first 6 months for Green Signals, and with further bids pending award (at the time of writing), it is looking as though it will be a successful first 12 months trading.

Our team have placed a great emphasis on ensuring that Green Signals establishes a reputation for excellence and that the name and brand are established in the industry as providing services which are quality as well as good value for money.

As well as working hard, we have been out and about, meeting potential clients and work partners and attending conferences such as Traffex in April. We shall also be attending the JCT Symposium in September where Andy Marson will be presenting a paper, as well as the Siemens User Group and ITS California Conference in October.

We have had great fun pulling together information for our website and have received excellent feedback from clients and potential clients about the look and feel of our site, so thank you to all who have provided us with such comments.

We are very much looking forward to the next few months and the next steps on our journey of growth and development. Project feedback for completed projects has placed the quality of our services in the very good to excellent band across all categories and we look forward to continuing to maintain such high standards over the next few years.

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