MOVA – What is it?

MOVA is a traffic control strategy that is specifically designed to maximise the operational efficiency of a junction/crossing.

MOVA is fast becoming the preferred control strategy for many local authorities for isolated junctions and is increasingly being used at roundabouts/junction networks which require linking. It is already the default control strategy at all new or refurbished
sites on all-purpose trunk roads.

MOVA has been around for over 25 years having been developed by TRL, however it is only in the last 15 years that the number of installations has dramatically increased. It is thought that they are now over 800 sites located in the UK, Ireland and Dubai.

So how does it work? Unlike other traffic control strategies it continually adjusts the green time required for each approach by assessing the number of vehicles approaching the signals, whilst at the same time determining the impact that queuing vehicles would have
on the overall operation of the junction.  Consequently MOVA sites have less queuing and incur less delay to all users.

So where can it be used? Since its original implementation MOVA has been significantly developed and can now be used for slow speed sites (Compact MOVA), sites with nearside pedestrian facilities and at remote crossings (PUFFIN, TOUCAN).

It is particularly well suited to the following sites:

  • Sites with high traffic flows that can vary according to time of day or season
  • Sites experiencing known capacity issues
  • Sites with high speed approaches
  • Sites where additional capacity is required with the introduction of pedestrian facilities

Green signals staff have significant experience in the implementation of MOVA having been involved in the design, specification, commissioning and validation of over 90 sites for national and local authority clients over the last 14 years, with schemes ranging from remote crossings in urban areas to complex linked roundabouts on the Highways Agency network.

With the implementation of MOVA becoming more common place in the UK, the requirements for knowledgeable and competent Engineers to undertake the design and validation of schemes is becoming increasingly important. Local Authorities are increasingly looking towards competent Consultancies to undertake work such as this and we are proud of the record of our Engineers for proving high quality projects that deliver
the benefits required by the project. For further information relating to Project Performance, click here.

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