Project Excellence – Some Recent Client Feedback

Following a successful first few months in Green Signals Consulting, a number of projects have been undertaken and completed, so we were keen to seek feedback from our clients and ask if there was anything we could have improved.

We have developed a project feedback questionnaire which we have asked our clients to complete across a range of projects. This questionnaire allows the client to mark the quality of the work we have undertaken as well as provide some additional comments on the project.

Of the project feedback questionnaire’s received so far, we are delighted to be able to publicise some very positive results.

Our clients have been very keen to provide some written feedback on the quality of the work undertaken, we have received positive comments across the board such as

“Both Engineers have picked the scope up very quickly and are able to get on with it with very little support and guidance” – Transport for London

“Good all round job delivered well” – Anonymous

“Flexible, adjusted to meet client requirements” – Anonymous

We look forward to seeking further feedback for our future projects, we will continue to advertise these within the news section of our website.

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